Why is Steve Jobs Torturing Me?! [How to Save Your iPhone Battery & Data Plan.]

Look at that picture. Steve’s gloating, right?!

He is laughing at the torture he has rained down upon us mere mortals.

Not only has he attached a radiation inducing mini-computer firmly in my front pocket, but now he’s picking away at my sanity.

How is it that my iPhone battery dies sooooo quickly?!

And how – on God’s¬†Steve’s green Earth – could I be using ALL of my data plan?!

After searching high and low to solve this conundrum, this is the best list of trouble-shooting tips I’ve found to save your iPhone battery and your data plan. Simple with solid explanations/directions.

Go defeat Steve!

Via con dios.

PS РYour battery runs when your data runs. Save your battery, save your data. 

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