King of Naps

King of Naps

King of Naps

Here’s a link to a recent article about how taking naps promotes our ability to learn. This is the most recent study in a long list of studies that say that naps are the bees knees. Yeah, that cool.

Naps are amazing. For real, amazing. But naps aren’t as easy as one may think. There are many types of naps, and every nap is unique based on the conditions and the nap time goals. This is not the proper time for me to share all of my napping knowledge (sweet alliteration), but it’s safe to say that quality napping requires committed practice.

I’ve been refining my napping skills for years. And I think it’s time for me to take my napping to the next level. I’ve done my research (i.e. a one minute Google search), and it dawned on me that the napping community lacks a meaningless figurehead with absolutely no power and a pointless title. And I think I’m just the person to fill this made-up-by-me incredibly unimportant position.

I do hereby declare to the world (i.e. the internet) that the Dude is from here forth the self-proclaimed King of Naps!

Howard Stern did it for media. I think the Dude can do it for naps.

Not only is the Dude an ordained Dudeist Priest, and a dishwasher loading wizard, but now, also the King of Naps. I’m adding some serious credentials (i.e. letters) to the end of my name: The Dude, O.D.P., D.L.W., & K.o.N.

Enough typing…I need a nap. Sleep on my napping subjects.

PS – Don’t worry. That’s an old photo. The beard is still intact. Beard update in the near future.

The Dishes are Done, Man!

The Dishes are Done!

The Dishes are Done!

In week four’s “Lessons,” I mentioned there should be a Dad Olympics to showcase the extreme rigors of diaper changing.  I’d like to add event number two; dishwasher loading.

The Dude is a dishwasher loading wizard.  It’s a long family tradition handed down from my mother’s side.  My grandfather, mother, and sister are all at the top of their dishwasher loading game, but the Dude is pretty confident in his gold medal status

My Grandfather is 93, even if he can out-pack me, I can beat him on speed, and this is the Dad Olympics, so adios Madre and Sis.

I’m going to start making space in the trophy case.

When you see this on ESPN, you’ll know you heard it here first…Rock, paper, scissors is on ESPN, why not Dad Olympics?