Week 27: Block Head

Sitting Up

Sitting Up

The Boy has moved past the 6 month mark, and we’re celebrating with some sitting up!

Little Dude has been showing signs of sitting up for a couple weeks, but this week he made the commitment.  Just chillin’ on his rump.

It’s so cool to watch his new skills develop.  And it’s amazing how much the simple act of sitting up can change his world.  New toys.  New interactions.  A whole new view of the world.

We also went for his 6 month checkup.  It’s never fun to deal with shots, but he was a trooper, and we got some fun measurements; 17.12 lbs (55%),  length 75%,  head 90%.

L.D. is rockin’ a big block head.  And it couldn’t be cuter.