Say It Ain’t So: War on Drugs?

Over the past week or two, I noticed a couple national news headlines that made me scratch my head. They are unrelated stories, but the topics are most certainly related.

1. Drug deaths now outnumber traffic fatalities in U.S., data show – L.A. Times

  • So, drugs now kill more people annually than car accidents?! Well, a “War on Drugs,” definitely seems in order. Wait, what, the main culprit is legal, prescription drugs?…oh.
  • “While most major causes of preventable death are declining, drugs are an exception. The death toll has doubled in the last decade.”
  • “By contrast, traffic accidents have been dropping for decades.”
  • Prescription “drugs now cause more deaths than heroin and cocaine combined.”

Hmmm. Well, The Man must know what he’s doing. Even if legal, prescribed drugs are dangerous killers, at least the drugs we spend billions of dollars fighting, locking up non-violent criminals, and watching our “war” spill over to thousands of deaths in Mexico (and the US) must be immensely dangerous and worth the extreme sacrifice, right?

Enter headline #2…

2. ‘Magic Mushroom’ Drug May Improve Personality Long Term – USA Today,Discover, etc.

  • “Many individuals who took a single dose of psilocybin — the active ingredient in what the drug culture calls “magic mushrooms” — showed alterations in personality characteristics, largely for the better, that persisted for more than a year.”
  • Participants “tended to show increases in the personality dimension known as openness.”
  • “Openness is generally considered a positive characteristic and includes such traits as aesthetic appreciation and sensitivity, imagination, intellectual engagement, and awareness of feelings in themselves and others.”

For real?! This is the culture we live in?!

What’s the goal of the “War on Drugs”? Promote dangerous, addictive drugs created in a laboratory and sold for insane profits that limit our ability to think and act for ourselves, while at the same time locking people up and ruining lives for any interest in naturally occurring plants that have been used for thousands of years and create a sense of well-being and “openness”?

Seems logical. Par for the course for The Man.

I’ll skip the long drawn-out rant. There are a lot of much more qualified ranters on this subject, but I will leave you with this graph. Does something seem wrong with the way we’re currently operating?

American Incarceration Timeline

American Incarceration Timeline


Question Authority: Kids Need Grass

Grass…hee, hee. 🙂 Always makes me laugh. Sounds so 70’s. Like Cheech and Chong.

A bit too much of a generalization? Ok, maybe all kids don’t need grass, but this little guy sure did.

This story is starting to make the rounds on the large news outlets. Dad secretly gives two year old son suffering from cancer medical marijuana…and the boy is cured! Alright, maybe not cured as a direct result, but it sure did play a large role.

I can’t even imagine the anguish that a parent feels watching their child suffer from a deadly illness, but to have the medical field dismiss natural medicines – with the potential to at the very least ease symptoms and pain and at best offer a cure – all while flooding that little body with an extremely toxic mix of chemicals is inexcusable.

Is right from wrong really this difficult for our society to figure out?

By the way, this isn’t fringe science, and it’s nothing new. Would you consider Harvard University as fringe? A 2007 study at Harvard University found that marijuana cut the tumor growth in common lung cancer in half and significantly reduced the ability of the cancer to spread.

All while giving patients the giggles and a desire for Cheetos?

Oh, you’re right, we should stick to toxic chemicals that make us sick and cause our hair to fall out. That seems much safer than a natural plant with much safer and productive outcomes. Way to go science/medical/government. Sure feels like you’re looking out for us and not your own interests. (Can you pick up on my sarcasm? I’m laying it on pretty thick. – Tommy Boy anyone?)

All the while alcohol and tobacco are available at the nearest Kwiki Mart. Seem right to you? Seems like some ulterior motivates may be afoot.

Question authority.

Hats of to this dude for being an amazing dad.