The Zoo

The Zoo

The Zoo

Everyone needs a little security in their lives.  Nothing beats Mom’s tightly held hand or warm hug, but security could be as simple as a favorite hat, a lucky t-shirt, a power tie, or a soft, cuddly blanket.

Mrs. Dude is a pretty great Mom, but she explained to the Dude that it’s not possible for her to hold Little Dude’s hand or hug him 24 hours per day.  So, we were faced with the daunting task of determining how to offer security to the Little One when the Mrs. is absent.  I suggested a piece of my wetsuit since that keeps me warm and cozy in the water, but Mrs. Dude pulled rank and said the Mom would make this decision.

Ok.  One less decision for the Dude process; works for me.

I watched silently as a tiny silky blanket with a dog’s head that was three times too large was paraded around the house as the worthy contender.  I knew it wouldn’t last, but the Dude had taken a vow of silence on the subject.  “Oh yeah, Mrs. Dude, great blanket.  The Boy will love his giant headed dog.”

The vow would have probably been broken considering how goofy this dog was, but the Dude had confidence in the Mrs….and the Dude’s sister had already paved the way for this decision.  The lady with four kids under the age of 6 probably has the whole security blanket thing figured out.  The Dude knew that it was only a matter of time before Mrs. Dude was exposed to the greatest security blanket known to man.

After a visit with the Dude’s extended fam, the Mrs. declared that she was going to get one of the same security blankets the cousins have.  This was a big step, but it opened the door to an even harder decision; what blanket to choose.  The blankets come in a variety of animal shapes, basically stuffed animal heads on the top of a blanket.

The cousins each have a different animal, but with a twist.  The twist being that one blanket really won’t last, so multiple blankets were purchased as back-ups.  This is great in theory, but really this just leads to the kids needing multiple blankets of the same type; one just won’t do if I can have two.  As a result, Mom and Dad are forced to corral multiple, identical blankets for each child.  This is pretty much a full-time job; they had to hire a nanny to watch after the blankets!…not really, but they should!

We were committed to the type of blanket, but Mrs. Dude couldn’t make an animal choice, so it was decided that we would get three to help us determine our favorite; the owl, dinosaur, and lion would be included in the selection process.

For two months leading up to Little Dude’s arrival, the Dude and the Mrs. slept with the blankets under the guise of adding our scent to the fabric, but really we were snuggling with each trying to choose our animal.    The lion pulled out to an early lead, but the Mrs. couldn’t keep herself off the website and three grew to five; the cow and raccoon joined the pack, adding to the indecisiveness.

No clear winner has yet to be established.  However, now I’m concerned that if/when a winner is chosen, we will then have to wade through multiple impostors to reach the true source of security during times of crisis.  It’s inevitable that when security is needed, the true champion will be unnoticeably wedged between the couch cushions while the rest of the animal tribe is frolicking in the open, and the Dude will undoubtedly try each and every impostor before embarking on the hunt for the chosen one, all the while Little Dude wailing away.  It’s a grim scene, but totally predictable.

Perhaps that’s better than hunting for multiples of the same blanket, as the Dude’s sister must do, but probably not.

Then again, the kid usually determines the winner, and most times the choice is completely unexpected.  The Dude latched onto  a pillowcase, and the Princess fell in love with a blanket that was purchased as a gift for another baby.

My guess is the Little Dude catches us off guard with his security blanket choice…I’m still holding out for the wetsuit. For now, we’re enjoying the zoo and trying to give each animal equal face time with the “Decider” (as George W. would say).

Choose wisely Little Dude, the fate of the zoo is in your hands.

8 thoughts on “The Zoo

  1. Luke has one of these and it’s still one of his faves. It’s a dog and he lovingly refers to it as his “doggy blanky.” (I know…unoriginal…but, fitting.) In fact, he loves it so much, he loved an ear right off. I have yet to sew the ear back on…and when I do, I’ve been told I need to use bright red thread and to make sure it has a “doctor who just put in stitches look.”

    Good luck with the decision! I’m pulling for the lion.

  2. They are pretty great blankets. “Doggy blanky” is the perfect name; we’re referring to them as Cow, Lion, Owl, Dino, and Racoon…unoriginal seems to be ok for blankets. If he ever chooses one I’ll refer to it as the Chosen One to make the blanky feel special for surviving the selection process. I’ll let the Lion know he has another fan.

  3. I vote:
    1. Racoon
    2. Owl
    3. Wetsuit
    4. Wet Racoon

    Oddly enough, the two “coolest” ones are nocturnal creatures…something I imagine you are trying to avoid.
    Now, did you opt for the silk lining or pure cotton comfort? Does Little Dude decide that? Ro had a tiger-more of a napkin than blanket- and Callan has a monkey and bear all with the silk underside which he tries to bury his face in unless he is tasting the animals head.

    Is there a pound for the un-chosen ones? or will this be a case of the family falling in love with the pet and keeping it anyway?

    By the way, I think itd be sweet to sew a GI Joe head to a camo blanket. Maybe grandma dude can work some needle magic.

  4. Ryann T Mac!

    Nice try…your votes don’t count. Although the wet raccoon is tempting.

    Based on this comment, I may need to recruit you for a little Daddy blog collaboration down the road…nice audition.

    Great questions; I’ll answer you point by point.

    Q. Did you opt for the silk lining or pure cotton comfort?
    A. Pure cotton comfort. The silk seems too fancy; we’ll leave that for the rich folk. Congratulations, apparently you qualify as the rich folk.

    Q. Is there a pound for the un-chosen ones? or will this be a case of the family falling in love with the pet and keeping it anyway?
    A. We can’t find a pound that will promise us they won’t feed them to the pit bulls, so it seems like Little Dude will have numerous friends to chew on.

    Fantastic idea about the needle magic; we’ll need to check with Grammie. However, we’re teaching Little Dude to question authority, so I’d opt for the Grateful Dead bear’s head over GI “love The Man” Joe.

  5. Im beaming.
    I’ll take the “qualifying as rich folk” comment and run. I don’t believe I have ever been referenced as such and most likely won’t be again. Did I mention we have TWO bottom silk laced “blapkins”? Eh, that sounds like a foul gas disorder. Maybe “blankins”. No matter, I’m rich b#$%*.

    As family (like it or not), I believe my vote does indeed count. I will exit this comment with some support. If you happen to stray from my vote/comment, I will in return, borrow someone’s megaphone and dance to an off beat, no pitch, unique version of “I told you so.” You don’t want it…

    Good point on succumbing to Uncle Sam, never thought of it that way. Be careful, oh grasshopper, on the road traveled with the Dead.

  6. Two?! Y’all must be makin’ it rain on those “blapkins.”

    Very true, as family (way to go, you just exposed the fact that only family members read my blog), your vote does count. I’ll blame my callousness on lack of sleep. However, Little Dude does have the vote that will trump all votes…somewhat of a dictatorship in the land of blankies around here.

    Please keep the sage advice and audience participation coming…we enjoy it quite a bit.

    Give our love to everyone.

  7. PS – Mrs. Dude mentioned tonight that she’s starting to fall for the Raccoon. Ryan, you may be on to something.

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