Here’s to Our Version of Danny & Annie

June is a busy month around the Dude casa. School’s out, so that’s adds to the crazy. There are also a few special days for us to celebrate. A bunch of family birthdays…Lady in the Shoe has like 25 kids. Close to home, we have the Princess and Little Dude celebrating their big day only five days apart…great for duel bday parties!

But beyond the cake and candles, me and the Mrs. share our anniversary early in the month. We celebrated with a great dinner at a local restaurant, but I let time slip by without a post to commemorate the day.

I had a video saved to share, but I filed it away where I couldn’t find, so here we are three weeks late after I stumbled upon it. I considered saving it for next year, but clearly my filing system needs some improvement. So I figured I’d share now.¬†Better late than never.

Happy belated anniversary Mrs. Dude. Here’s to our version of Danny & Annie…

2 thoughts on “Here’s to Our Version of Danny & Annie

  1. Beautiful! You both come from a long line of “Danny and Annie” ‘s. In the end, it’s all that matters. Best not to wait for the end to figure it out. Good for you. Happy Anniversary (again).

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