Little Dude Knows His Name! And he’s a thief…who can’t keep a secret.

Little Dude...Dudin'

Little Dude...Dudin'

The Little Man picked himself out in a picture tonight and said his name. First time we’ve heard him say his name. Soooo cool.

Mrs. Dude was rolling through some pictures on the phone and asking who was in them. We’ve done this many times. But tonight was new. After pointing out Mama and Dada, he called out his own name. He understands who he is!

Such a small element of life. Yet, such a big element of life. Very rad to see a little mind grasping the concept of self.

Of course, life balances itself out. To keep the Dude and the Mrs. grounded, he also hijacked a matchbox car on a play date and told me it’s “Awstn’s” all night.

Although, Austin is going to have to pry it from Little Dude’s sleeping hands if he wants it back.

A thief that can’t keep a secret, the worst kind. But, I guess that’s a good thing.

Stay focused on talking rather than thiefing L.D.

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