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Who doesn't love chilling and castles?

Who doesn't love chilling and castles?

As I’v mentioned, the Dude is a big fan of blogging…in case you couldn’t tell by the blog that I update on a regular basis. I’m all for supporting a good blog.

I’ve recently noticed a trend in blogging for a blog to pick a very narrow topic and then get readers to add content. It’s a great way to create user generated content around a highly focused idea. I love it. I haven’t thought of a great idea for one yet, but here’s a fantastic example: Draw Happy.

The author was particularly interested in what makes us happy…great topic! In an effort to gather some happiness research, she asked people to draw what makes them happy, and the blog is the chronicle of these drawings.

Sweet idea, right?

Here’s how the “About” section explains it:

“In asking people, locals and tourists alike, what made them happy, I realized that one of the most universal and clearest ways to record their responses was to ask them to¬†draw what made them happy. Drawing is one of the earliest skills we learn; its basic elements are comprehensible to people of all ages, cultures and nations.”

One thought on “Draw Happy

  1. There is a wall in a city where an artist did this same thing….it looked really nice and connected those who lived in that neighborhood. No grafitti…art. Too bad I can’t remember what city.

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