Daily Pixels: He’s Highly Advanced

Someone rolled over today.

I wasn’t here to witness it, but Mrs. Dude reports that during a morning session of tummy time, Little Dude executed a perfect roll from belly to back.

I conducted a little parental research, i.e. Google, and learned that rolling over usually happens around 3 – 4 months.  Little Dude will be three months tomorrow.

Rolling over one day before three months?!  If he continues at this pace, he’ll graduate college by 12 and fund our retirement by 16!

Do we have  super baby on our hands?

After filing the report with the Dude, Mrs. Dude proceeded to explain that he had a pillow under him, and she “kinda thinks it was an accident” on his part.

I prefer to think he’s highly advanced.

Super Baby

Super Baby

One thought on “Daily Pixels: He’s Highly Advanced

  1. Of course he’s highly advance. Dude (daddy) knows best. 🙂

    I remember my father telling me an almost similar story. Babies normally start crawling first before they progress to walking. According to my dad, he reckons I was a super baby because I didn’t crawl at all. I just stood up one day from a sitting position and started walking. Now you can’t argue with my dad that I wasn’t a super-baby. lol

    Little Dude is looking cool. 🙂

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