Baby Beard

Wikipedia:  A playoff beard is the practice of a National Hockey League player not shaving one’s beard during the Stanley Cup playoffs. The player stops shaving when his team enters the playoffs and does not shave until his team is eliminated or wins the Stanley Cup.

NHL hockey players seem like a good model to follow; especially for a father figure…no?  And, Mrs. Dude is a believer in the power of facial hair.

We are 38 weeks today.  Playoffs started last week when we hit full term at 37 weeks, and thus, the “baby beard” also began last week.  Mine is more of a modified “chin strap” than a full beard.  I rocked the full beard during the winter (i.e. my “winter beard”), so I’m going with the summer chin strap modification to keep my head in the game and my facial hair fresh; as any great dad would do.

  • Pregnancy confirmed – check
  • Baby growth on pace – check
  • Baby boy! – check
  • Name picked – check (Little Dude…named after Dad!)
  • New floors for Little Dude’s room – check
  • Baby classes – check
  • Crib – check
  • Baby shower – check
  • Mrs. Dude’s belly stretched beyond what seems humanly possible – check
  • Mrs. Dude completely uncomfortable – check
  • A pillow tower carefully crafted in the bed to create enough comfort for limited sleep between trips to the bathroom – check
  • Baby beard – check
  • Daddy blog – once I hit publish, check

Game on!

Baby Beard

Baby Beard

2 thoughts on “Baby Beard

  1. Dude I think this is great. Nina had turned me on to you blog and I am just so entertained by it. You have an amazing way of capturing every detail and making it your story lines. Its is funny and refreshing at the same time, also holds so many truths to many things we are all thinking and go through. I do know all the people in these stories (well just met you recently) and love the way you have everyone on target.You really need to be writing books. If you ever do let me know I will be the first in line.

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