The Dude & a 9 Year Old Philosopher? Yes, please.

I am slowly amassing a list of awesome dudes (& dudetts) that’s I’d love to hang with. If I recall correctly, this list currently has one member – The Sugru dude…he’s awesome…and so is Sugru!

Well, add this 9 year old philosopher to the list. This dude is super rad! He rattles off some serious answers to some of life’s most serious questions. And he’s ONLY 9!

I feel like the Dude could jam with this philosopher…until my brain started to hurt.

  • Why are we on earth?
  • What’s our place in the universe?
  • Is there life elsewhere in that universe, or, for that matter, do we live in a multiverse?
  • What’s the meaning of life?
  • And, finally, might our life be predestined — all scripted out for us in advance?

Oh, no sweat, just let a 9 year old answer that for you…

YouTube Preview Image

PS – Isn’t it amazing how little we actually know?

Hat tip Open Culture.

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