Pixels: Full Moon

We just returned from a quick visit to the Lady in the Shoe’s house for a belated Xmas celebration.  As always it was a great visit…and chaotic.

This picture was taken during the middle of the gift bonanza, and I think it is a pretty fitting snapshot of the chaos that is the Lady in the Shoe’s world.

The crazy part is this mooning episode was unnoticed by everyone.  We didn’t see it until we looked at the pictures.  I can’t tell if that’s because it was so chaotic or subconsciously we all expect these events and block them out as they pass by.

Either way, it’s pretty darn funny.

Thanks for a great visit Lady in the Shoe.

Full Moon

Full Moon

2 thoughts on “Pixels: Full Moon

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  2. How did we miss that?!?!? And who is that kid’s mother…hello manners?!?!?!

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