I, Pencil; Mind, Blown!

The world we live in is RIDICULOUSLY complicated.

We get up each day and proceed down the increasingly complex path of daily life, but we loose sight of the complexity. We take what we know for granted because it’s always been there. But consistency doesn’t eliminate complexity; it just masks it.

But the beauty of complexity is that it’s natural. Life is complex. Nature is complex. Complex to the point that life is a miracle.

The smartest minds of our day – of any day –  have no idea about the BIG questions. None.

We’re all just faking it. Complexity IS the norm.

Why are we here? How did we get here? Where are we headed? What’s our purpose?

Right, no answer. It’s complex.

Complexity is great. It’s beautiful. Yet we try to limit it. We try to manipulate the complex so we can feel like we’re in control.

But the reality is that we need to release control. We need to let the complex flow and let nature take its course.

I, Pencil is a mind-blowing example of how simple the complex actually is. Life flows, and we all play our part…when we let it.

The trouble is we do a great job of getting in our own way.

We talk about “the market” when things are good.

And we talk about “bail outs” when things go bad.

Nature doesn’t give us the luxury of choosing when to embrace the complex. The complex just IS.

Let go. And let the complex lead us to simplicity.

A pencil isn’t just a pencil. It’s a mind-blowing process of complexity that is beautiful in its simplicity.

I, Pencil…

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Hat tip to Lew.

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