Hola 2014

January 10 already?! Dang, life moves quickly.

While we’re at it, 2014 already?! Yowza.

I’d say 10 days in is still within the “let’s reflect” and “look ahead” time frame.

Short. But sweet.

  1. Health: 11 questions to ask yourself
  2. Wealthy Habits: Instead of resolutions
  3. Predictions: Agree? Disagree? I’m not sure, but I do know that you should be a subscriber to Inside Hook. Pretty rad.
  4. Woodie Gutherie: I shared Woodie’s list of resolutions a couple years ago, but it’s pretty great…and getting some virality (no way that’s a word) this year.
  5. Achievable resolutions: Some resolutions you can handle? Thanks Inside Hook.
  6. Fire cider: Holy moly! Fire cider looks awful, and awesome. Definitely worth a try in 2014. More importantly, sign up for Kaufmann. Awesome gear.
  7. 2013 favorite new tools: Yeah, dudes love tools. Enough said.
  8. Mark Twain: If Mr. Guthrie deserves some props, than surely Mr. Twain does as well. Some awesome words of wisdom to soak up in 2014.

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