Daily Pixels: Consumption

Consumption comes in many forms.

The list of consumable items is almost endless.    Liquids we swallow, foods we eat, time spent, energy used, etc.

Kids require parents to increase our rate of consumption to keep up with their needs.  We are now consuming for an additional being.  A being too defenseless to consume on their own.

While I thought I was prepared for this increase in consumption, I was not prepared for all aspects of consumption.  I grew accustom to the idea that Little Dude would require us to improve our support of this capitalist society through ridiculous purchases.  But it never really dawned on me that our space would be consumed quite like this.

Six baby “relaxing stations” in a 20 x 20 area!

Casa de Dude is pretty much a baby spa these days.

Baby Spa

Baby Spa

2 thoughts on “Daily Pixels: Consumption

  1. I like the addition of the boucer-oo. You will find that Shark-finn is so happy and will burn through quite a lot of energy in that so ultimately, that is a “relaxing station” for you.

  2. It’s a little to big for him right now, but he’ll grow into it soon. We just use a tupperware lid under his feet.

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