The Dukes

Let me start by professing the Dude’s love for the Dukes of Hazard.

I was a HUGE Dukes fan as a young lad.

I can still recall the classic Sears picture hanging on the wall by the stairs in my childhood home of me in my “Sunday best.” Obviously my sky blue iron-on Dukes of Hazard t-shirt! Bo and Luke sitting on the hood of the General Lee. Classic 1980’s.

Not to mention my amazing General Lee replica with the roof that lifted so I could stuff Bo and Luke in their proper seats…it was just the right size for G.I. Joe’s by the way.

I bring this up because A. the Dude loves the Dukes, and B. Little Dude loves to put anything and everything in his mouth.

What do these have in common you wonder? The fantastic “Questionable Skills” blog I mentioned last week. Ted McCagg has done it again; he’s tickled my funny bone.

The Dukes of Choking Hazards

Dukes of Choking Hazards

Dukes of Choking Hazards

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