DIY for Little Dudes

Check out this website for the kiddos; Awesome!

I’m a believer that we’re all creative. We all have an artist, an inventor, a craftsman tucked away inside of us. We just need to have the self-motivation and inspiration to draw this creator out.

Be creative everyday is a good motto. Find reasons to create. Anything. Something. Everyday.

Writing, drawing, building, painting, playing. Anything. Just create. I love the idea of being creative. I wish I cultivated my creativity more over the years. Dude Knows Best is helping me with this creative itch now.

The good news is it is never too late to start. But the better news is that it’s never too early to start. is a site that is crafted to inspire kids to create and to share their creations. It is just getting off the ground, but I hope it grows by leaps and bounds. I hope it becomes the number one place for kids to turn to for inspiration, and more importantly to inspire others.

The world can never have enough inspiration and creativity, and I’m happy to see a new outlet directed at the youngin’s.

Based on their first week, seems to be off to a great start. Here’s their first blog post – 2,730 projects uploaded! Awesome.

Ghost Town Marble Run by Redshoeman

Thanks to Swissmiss for passing on the creative goodness. 🙂