A Most Excellent Paper Airplane [Quick & Easy How To]

We can’t all be origami masters, but we all certainly need some righteous paper airplane skills.

A piece of paper, a few folds – bam – hours minutes of fun for the whole fam.

I’ve always been a traditionalist when it comes to paper airplane crafting. Fold a nose, fold a couple wings and you’re done.

Then Need Supply Co sent the best paper airplane (ever) my way, and I’m a changed man.

Super easy. Great style. And flies like a champ.

Done and done.

We’ve been tossing a squadron of these bad boys around the house all day!

You wouldn’t let a Bald Eagle loose to fly around in your studio apartment would you? Of course not! Get this Thunder Piglet outside for a good throw with your mates! This is, in fact, the best paper plane ever. –

Kudos Need Supply Co.


The Dude’s New Chopper – You’re Never Too Old for a Toy

I can’t resist the chance to share a Schwarzenegger clip…


Classic Arnold. 🙂

Nothing creates family bonding – and tantrums – like a remote control vehicle the size of a small bird.

The living room at the Dude Casa has a tall ceiling. Perfect for flying vehicles.

Inexpensive remote control helicopters have been on the scene for a few years, but my experience has been that these little bundles of joy are pretty delicate. As a result, I’ve resisted my urge to perfect my flying skills in the Dude air zone.

Until now.

Dude Chopper

Dude Chopper

I came across this sweet whirly bird on Huckberry, and it was a perfect match. A bargain and described as “practically indestructible.” I knew we’d test that description, but worth a $20 bet.

And this beauty has paid for itself in smiles, giggles, and tantrums when the batteries run out…which is every six minutes… literally

A few points…

  1. What, you haven’t heard of Huckberry?! It’s the shiz. Go sign up for the awesomeness. Here’s how they describe themselves: Huckberry is a bi-weekly web magazine that brings you unique apparel and gear at members-only prices along with the stories behind the products. Our emails are awesome and infrequent.
  2. Yes, the batteries actually run out in six minutes, and it takes about an hour to charge. But, honestly, we don’t need more than six minutes with it at a time. It’s a short burst of awesome, and we leave the kids wanting more – i.e. Little Dude kicking and screaming. 🙂 But he gets over it quickly, and he’s jazzed when “Daddy’s helcopter workin’!”
  3. Indestructible? Eh…for the most part. We did break the on/off switch off in the first day. But nothing a MacGyver fix with the back of an earring can’t remedy. And to be fair, it is for 14+ and we’re rocking it with a 2 & 7 year old. So, yeah, pretty much indestructible.