Discursive Meditation: An Opposite Way to Meditate and An Awesome Life Hack

Discursive meditation is not new – unless you consider Pythagoras new. But it sure was new to me.

I”ve discussed my love for meditation a few times, but that love was for Eastern meditation that focuses on daily practice to quiet the mind.

Discursive meditation focuses on daily practice to engage the mind. A deeper mind than we engage on the surface.

The opposite of the quiet mind – an active mind focused on one theme.

How much can we learn from that deep mind?

It’s pretty cool. I switched my daily practice to discursive meditation a few months ago, and i’m not sure I’ll go back. The deep mind is super cool.

As I mentioned, it’s not new, and there are a variety of sources for reference – many Christian.

I learned about it from this cool cat in the Druid scene.