Dougie Does Dallas

Dougie Does Dallas.

A bad “adult film” title?

Nope. Just the newest blog to set the interwebz ablaze.

A blog about a cat, a dog, two humans & life – but not Dallas.

The finest English chap I know (also the only), and his leading lady hitting the open road, traveling west to east.

I’m giddy with anticipation.

And I’m pretty sure the feline is taking the pictures along the way. That artsy camera tilt. Dogs don’t have that creativity.

Brothers Hug. And So Should You.

Tommy Boy knew it. So did psychotherapist Virginia Satir…

We need 4 hugs a day for survival.
We need 8 hugs a day for maintenance.
We need 12 hugs a day for growth.

We need hugs. Lots o’ hugs.

The good news for all of the parental units out there, kids are great at hugs.

9 Reasons You Need to Be Giving & Receiving Hugs Everyday

  1. Stimulates Oxytocin
  2. Cultivates Patience
  3. Prevents Disease
  4. Stimulates Thymus Gland
  5. Communication Without Saying a Word
  6. Self-Esteem
  7. Stimulates Dopamine
  8. Stimulates Serotonin
  9. Parasympathetic Balance

Jazzy’s Numero Uno

I think I say this quite a bit, but….

Dang, life moves quick!

The Littlest Dude crossed the numero uno threshold this week.

No teeth, and not walking yet. But the Man Cub eats like a bear! 90th percentile in length needs the fuel.

It was a pretty awesome numero uno b-day party with the extended fam.

Happy birthday Littlest Dude.

Where Does “Dude” Come From? Seems So Obvious.

Dude could be the perfect word.

So simple. So many uses.

But where does it come from?

Thanks to Slate for the Etymology of Dude. More accurately, thanks to some rad researcher dudes.

A massive, decade-long “dude” research project has finally yielded convincing results.

What’s the answer?

Yankee Doodle Dandy!

I’ll let you take a gander at Slate for the details.

But dang that seems obvious.

12 Tips for Fatherhood Awesomeness

Little Dude - Before THE Haircut

Little Dude – Before THE Haircut

Short, but sweet.

I’d like to think I have a firm grasp on the majority of these tips, but some great reminders never hurt.

12 Tips for being a radical dad [from LifeHack]…

  1. Give ’em some love.
  2. Spend time with the rug rats.
  3. Show up at the big game/recital.
  4. Show the kids things you dig.
  5. Talk to them.
  6. Reading is always cool.
  7. Be grateful. And show it.
  8. Play.
  9. Treat everyone with respect and kindness.
  10. Smile.
  11. Pursue your bliss.
  12. Never too many “I love you’s”

Little Dude’s First Ninja Class

We’ve reached the ninja stage at the Dude Casa.

Ninjago is all the rage with Little Dude, and Teen Age Mutant Ninja Turtles are enjoying a resurgence.

It’s a good stage.

Turns out the local Tae Kwan Do class is accepting little ninjas.

The little man is a bit under the age limit, but we tested the scene with good success.

The newest ninja at his first class…

Can Ten Tips from a Shaolin Monk Keep the Dude Young Forever?!

I’ve told Mrs. Dude I intend to live to 137.

Not sure why 137. Or how to make that possible.

But it seems like a good idea to set big goals with life expectancy.

I’m psyched to find this sweet list of 10 tips to stay young forever from a Shaolin Monk:

  1. Don’t think too much.
  2. Don’t talk too much.
  3. Work 40 minutes, and stop for 10 minutes.
  4. Control happiness.
  5. Don’t worry or get angry.
  6.  Don’t eat too much.
  7. Take your time.
  8. Do Qigong to find balance, build patience, and develop yin.
  9. Exercise to build yang.
  10. Shaolin Gung Fu to blanance yin and yang.
I need to work on my yin. See you at 137. 


Littlest Dude’s First Trim

The Littlest Dude (aka – the boy with too many names) is 9 days short of the numero uno! Crazy.

And this dude needed a haircut, something fierce.

His self-created mullet lasted longer than his older bro, who scored his first buzz cut week 15, but it needed to go.

With buzzers in hand, we knocked that toupee-looking coif down to a awfully handsome shaved melon.

Lookin’ good for that 1st b-day!


Hola 2014

January 10 already?! Dang, life moves quickly.

While we’re at it, 2014 already?! Yowza.

I’d say 10 days in is still within the “let’s reflect” and “look ahead” time frame.

Short. But sweet.

  1. Health: 11 questions to ask yourself
  2. Wealthy Habits: Instead of resolutions
  3. Predictions: Agree? Disagree? I’m not sure, but I do know that you should be a subscriber to Inside Hook. Pretty rad.
  4. Woodie Gutherie: I shared Woodie’s list of resolutions a couple years ago, but it’s pretty great…and getting some virality (no way that’s a word) this year.
  5. Achievable resolutions: Some resolutions you can handle? Thanks Inside Hook.
  6. Fire cider: Holy moly! Fire cider looks awful, and awesome. Definitely worth a try in 2014. More importantly, sign up for Kaufmann. Awesome gear.
  7. 2013 favorite new tools: Yeah, dudes love tools. Enough said.
  8. Mark Twain: If Mr. Guthrie deserves some props, than surely Mr. Twain does as well. Some awesome words of wisdom to soak up in 2014.