Love Shack – Worst Song Ever?

B-52's-Love Shack

B-52’s-Love Shack

Mrs. Dude: “I DO NOT like Love Shack.”

Dude: I’m glad you said that.  I don’t think I could be with someone who likes that song…I probably should have asked that earlier in our relationship.”

Worst song ever? It just may be.

Thankfully Mrs. Dude agrees.

A match made in heaven.

It pains me to share this link, but just so you can be reminded how bad it really is; Love Shack

YouTube Preview Image

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2 Responses to Love Shack – Worst Song Ever?

  1. Patrick says:

    Agreed. One of the worst pop songs ever.

  2. Maboza Ritchie says:

    I agree that song is total 5HITE!!

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